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Henley Plumbers provide quality plumbing services and can cater for your every plumbing requirement. From dripping tap to complete house central heating installation - a Free Estimate is just a phone call away -   01491 577502.


Henley Plumbers is part of the well established "Kingfisher Property Maintenance" Group of companies. Established since 1995 "Kingfisher Property Maintenance" are now able to offer Quality Local Services to both domestic and commercial clients. This has come about by the developement of a very experienced team of Maintenance Engineers. Each and every craftsman or engineer is fully checked by client testimonials and assignments before being allowed to undertake any actual work.


In addition to Henley Plumbers there are further "Kingfisher Property Maintenance" businesses providing services to clients in the Henley On Thames Area... One such business offers a wide variety of skilled craftsmen that can cater for all repair and renovation requirements...and it trades as Handyman Henley. Full details about Handyman Henley can be found by visiting www.handymanhenley.wordpress.com


A further "Kingfisher Group" enterprise trades as Henley Decorators. Providing quality decorating and interior design services Henley Decorators caters for both residential and commercial clients within a thirty mile radius of Henley. Full details about Henley Decorators can be found by visiting www.henleydecorators.wordpress.com.



Henley Plumbers service many local clients from a broad cross section of local Home Owners, Trades and Professions. We are often asked to recommend professional practices such as Architects and Solicitors ... although we do not provide direct recommendations we are able to suggest excellent resources for finding such professional practices.


Central Heating Systems - Reasons To Invest:


Increase The Value Of Your Home.

It is widely recognised that the installation of a modern Central Heating System is One of the best ways to increase the value of a home.


Cost Savings.

central heating installed and upgraded Updating your existing Central Heating System is a great way to conserve energy which of course will result in considerable cost savings. It is estimated that most current sytems are operating at an average of 75% rate of efficiency. Therefore approximately 25% of precious energy is wasted, which is money up in smoke! Modern central heating systems run far more efficiently than older models. Technological advances now allow most Boiler installations to operate at a 90% or better average rate of efficiency. Conserving energy will result in lower utility bills meaning more money in your bank account. Over the long-term your new central heating system will pay for itself and prove to be a very wise investment. When you eventually sell your home, the increased value will far outway the cost of the new system and would also make the home more appealing to a potential buyer.


Solar Heating - Henley On Thame:


Choosing the correct Solar-Heating Installation for your Henley On Thames home is a crucial decision.

How Many Panels Will Be Required?

This varies on the area in which you live and on the technological type of installation chosen. Typically two solar panels will be sufficient to heat water, whilst 10 - 15 solar PV panels may be required to supply the entire solar energy needs for a complete household. Commercial and large projects will require special considerations and calculation. Feel free to contact us:


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